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Tips for Recruiting Customer Success Managers

When it comes to recruiting Customer Success managers the knack of being able to recognise intelligence, a competitive spirit, or a penchant for thinking outside the box in the shortlisting and interview process can be tricky. Jon Eyers, a Customer Success recruitment specialist, shares some useful tips to aid shortlisting and recruiting your next Customer Success manager. Shortlisting Customer Success Managers The Customer Success job market in the UK, with current low unemployment levels,  [more …]

Successfully Recruiting Saas Customer Success Candidates…

As Saas Customer Success roles continue to evolve and gain more prominence across organisations, the skillset required has become more complex. This means that Customer Success managers now require a mix of leadership, communication, analytical, selling, creativity and IT skills, plus the all-important ‘good cultural fit’. But finding candidates with the right balance of technical expertise and customer-facing experience can be tricky, and selecting the wrong candidate can cost time and  [more …]

Customer Success in my Experience

Customer Success in my Experience Customer Success has been my specialisation since I joined recruitment. So, why did I choose Customer Success of all specialisations? Was it because it was the ‘new trend’ which was all the rage? Was it because it looked like an easy placement? Or was it because it was a recommendation? Honestly, it was none of those. I chose Customer Success because it was something I believed in. My previous career experience, for me, was all about the Customer.  [more …]

Prince Charming V Daredevil …the Customer Success Analogy

Prince Charming versus Daredevil ...the Customer Success Analogy More and more discussions have cropped up asking the question: Should I charge my Customers for Customer Success? Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a definitive answer, but to try and make sense of it, I am going to use my experience and a little help from some of my favourite stories. I have always been a big lover of Disney. There is a sad story with a happy ending and a moral to live by. What more could I need? As  [more …]

New Addition to the Harvey Thomas team

We are delighted to welcome Pam Matthews to the team here at Harvey Thomas. Pam will be responsible for supporting our clients with their business critical hires, focusing purely on assignments in Customer Success and Professional Services. Pam was born in South Africa and moved to the UK at the age of 17.  After having spent some time in the Police force, Pam entered a career in Sales, working for a leading SaaS Software Vendor in the Finance space.  After gaining extensive industry  [more …]