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Customer Success Recruitment

Since 2008 we have helped Software vendors with all their Customer Success recruitment agency needs. As expert SaaS customer engagement recruiters we find candidates with the right balance of technical expertise and customer-facing experience to suit your requirements.

Specialist Customer Success Recruitment Agency…

As one of the England’s leading Customer Success recruitment partners, we recruit talent for software companies in the UK, Europe and Middle East.  Our expert team of Customer Success Manager recruiters ensure the process is effective and hassle free.

We can shortlist suitable candidates for various Customer Engagement, Account Management and Renewals Management roles. We ensure that the shortlist has both the right skill set for the role and is a good cultural fit. The typical type of Customer Success recruitment we undertake includes:

  • – Customer Success Manager recruitment
  • – Saas Customer Success Manager recruitment
  • – VP Customer Success recruitment
  • – Account Manager recruitment
  • – Saas Account Manager recruitment
  • – Growth Account Executive recruitment
  • – Renewals Manager recruitment
  • – Client Services Manager recruitment
  • – Saas Client Services Manager recruitment
  • – Customer Engagement recruitment
  • – Saas Customer Engagement recruitment

As specialists in Customer Success recruitment in the Software sector, our expert Saas customer success manager recruiters can identify, attract, engage and secure hard to find candidates that are best suited for the role.

So to find out how we can help with your Customer Success recruitment requirements call us on +44 (0)203 995 2007 or fill in the quick contact form and we will be in touch.


What our Clients Say…

‘Delighted to recommend Harvey Thomas as an effective Customer Success Manager recruiter. The quality of candidates was excellent – pleased with the whole process’   VP responsible for Customer Success Recruitment, London

‘We were struggling with our renewals manager recruitment until Harvey Thomas stepped in to help. With no fuss they presented a shortlist of candidates that fitted the bill perfectly. Thanks Jon!’  EMEA Sales Director, Birmingham

‘I just wanted to express my appreciation for all the hard work you have put in for this client services manager recruitment assignment. I will definitely be using your organisation again.’  BPM Vendor, UK


Saas Account Manager Recruitment Top Tips…

Finding candidates with the right balance of technical expertise and customer-facing experience can be challenging. As expert Saas Account Management recruiters here are 3 useful pointers to help an account manager recruiter succeed:

  1. Have clear recruitment goals:  Unclear recruitment goals and generic job descriptions that don’t detail what the position actually entails will hamper the process. Detail the key attributes of your ideal candidates so there is a nuanced understanding of the qualities that you are seeking then share with all stakeholders in the process so they are on the ‘same page’ – this will help ensure the process runs smoothly.
  2. Find the hidden candidates:  It is a competitive market at present, with only 30% of candidates in the talent pool actively looking for new job opportunities according to a recent study by LinkedIn. So we suggest broadening your candidate pool by reaching out to top tier candidates who may not be actively looking to change their jobs.  A specialist Saas customer success manager recruiter like Harvet Thomas will have an extensive personal network of contacts to draw from which can be invaluable in finding these hidden candidates.
  3. Select a strong short list:  A 2015 US study by Totango found that 43% of customer success employees come from sales and/or account management background with 24% coming from support/services organisations. The rest come from marketing, product/engineering, finance and consulting. This diversity of candidate experience coupled with the importance of intangible elements (like ‘thinking outside the box’, ‘relationship building’ and ‘creativity’) which are tricky to extract from a CV can make account management recruitment difficult for an account manager recruiter.

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