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Recruiting from home – What’s it really like ?

As an experienced recruitment professional, would you prefer the flexibility of a home based working policy but are concerned by the impact it might have on your productivity or working relationships ? Here, Yasmine Shaban, who recently joined Harvey Thomas, talks about making the transition from office based environment to working from home.   When did you join Harvey Thomas in a home based recruitment role ? I joined Harvey Thomas at the beginning of March 2018 and have been  [more …]

Harvey Thomas embraces flexible working

Harvey Thomas embraces Flexible working Here at Harvey Thomas we understand that the recruitment industry is changing and we need to embrace these changes in order to keep ahead of the curve. Our new pricing model designed for early stage software companies is an example of how we are looking to innovate and provide a more value added service. In addition, we understand that the role of a recruiter can be challenging and a lengthy commute combined with a long working day can be both  [more …]

10 Tips for Creating an Engaging Job Spec.

Job Descriptions – 10 Tips For Creating an Engaging Job Spec. Can you send me a Job spec?  It’s a question that is asked by most potential candidates when discussing a new job opportunity and, for most, it is the first point of introduction to a potential new employer. Yet there are many organisations who don’t see the importance of a highly engaging and attractive job spec and still use age old generic documents written as an afterthought. For those looking to create an appealing job  [more …]

Interview Questions when recruiting Customer Success Managers

Are you looking to hire a Customer Success Manager into your organisation?  If you have thought about it, or are indeed currently looking, I bet you feel like you’re looking for that ‘one in a million’, ‘needle in a haystack’, or the ever allusive ‘flying unicorn’. It doesn’t need to be that difficult. Customer Success Managers, thankfully, will tell you their strengths and their priorities well before you need to bring them in. Having this transparency, really does make finding ‘the one’  [more …]

Tips for Recruiting Customer Success Managers

When it comes to recruiting Customer Success managers the knack of being able to recognise intelligence, a competitive spirit, or a penchant for thinking outside the box in the shortlisting and interview process can be tricky. Jon Eyers, a Customer Success recruitment specialist, shares some useful tips to aid shortlisting and recruiting your next Customer Success manager. Shortlisting Customer Success Managers The Customer Success job market in the UK, with current low unemployment levels,  [more …]

2017 Saas Recruitment Trends in the UK

We are pleased to report that the dynamic Saas recruitment market in the UK and Europe continues to evolve. This is driven in part by rapid technology changes, a highly competitive labour market and an increasing number of millennials in the workforce who embrace change and non-traditional recruitment methods. Here are some key trends we believe will continue to shape Saas recruitment activity in the UK in 2017…  Saas Recruitment Business as Usual The uncertainty around Brexit hasn’t  [more …]

Questions to ask at the end of your Interview

Asking questions at the end of the interview when invited can show your enthusiasm and preparedness. They can also help to end the interview on a high note, so think carefully about what you want to ask. We suggest preparing at least 4 or 5 interview questions in advance with the understanding that some will be covered by the time it is your chance to ask them. Here are some potential interview questions to consider: Who would I be reporting to? Are those three people on the same team or on  [more …]

Successfully Recruiting Saas Customer Success Candidates…

As Saas Customer Success roles continue to evolve and gain more prominence across organisations, the skillset required has become more complex. This means that Customer Success managers now require a mix of leadership, communication, analytical, selling, creativity and IT skills, plus the all-important ‘good cultural fit’. But finding candidates with the right balance of technical expertise and customer-facing experience can be tricky, and selecting the wrong candidate can cost time and  [more …]

Recruiting a Hunter?

If you want to successfully recruit top Software Sales talent, here are some useful pointers to ensure that you capture and hold their attention during the recruitment process: Be clear. Top sales candidates will only move if they feel confident in their future employer. So as a hiring manager you need to build confidence by clearly laying out why the position is open, what the hiring timeline is, and importantly, why the role is desirable. Detail what the position entails (i.e. territory,  [more …]

What Makes a Great Software Recruiter?

Here are some handy pointers to look out for when assessing potential software recruiter’s pedigree… Industry knowledge: A great recruiter should have a detailed understanding and knowledge of the sector they work in, keeping up to date with trends and news and contributing through blogs, forums and associated sites. Company knowledge: A great recruiter will want to take time to fully understand as much as possible about the company they are recruiting for. They will want to understand the  [more …]