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Pre-Sales Recruitment

Pre-Sales Managers, Consultants and Engineers are the lifeblood of a Software vendor’s sales team.

The nature of these roles requires a unique mix of skills that can be difficult to assess, however as specialist pre-sales software recruiters, we have the experience and expertise to qualify pre-sales managers and pre sales engineer candidates effectively. This ensures that your shortlisted candidates have the required business and technical skills.

Extensive Pre Sales Recruitment Network…

In addition, our extensive personal network of SaaS industry contacts and proactive approach ensures we find suitable candidates for your pre-sales solution recruitment projects. We work across the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East placing pre-sales engineers and consultants for a host of companies, including Adtech, Martech, Security, Big Data, Analytics, Workforce Management, CRM, ERP, Fintech, BSS/OSS, Telco and Retail solution providers.

Our experienced SaaS and PaaS pre sales recruiters have successfully supplied pre sales consultants and managers with hard to find experience. Projects include:

  • – Pre Sales Recruitment
  • – Solutions Recruitment
  • – Pre Sales Solutions Recruitment
  • – Pre Sales Consultant Recruitment
  • – Pre Sales Manager Recruitment
  • – Pre Sales Engineer recruitment
  • – SaaS Pre Sales Recruitment
  • – PaaS Pre Sales Recruitment
  • – Cloud Pre Sales Recruitment
  • – Cybersecurity Pre Sales Recruitment
  • – Pre Sales Manager Recruitment
  • – Pre Sales Director Recruitment

Our Pre Sales Manager Recruitment Services Extend your In-house Capacity

Using a specialist SaaS or PaaS pre sales manager recruiter like ourselves can save time when resources are tight. Often internal resource used to manage a cloud pre-sales recruitment project is better used for selection and on-boarding, thus leaving the of sourcing of niche roles like a Cybersecurity Pre Sales Manager or an Pre Sales Engineer to specialist SaaS Pre Sales recruitment agency.

So if you are struggling to fill a pre sales position, speak to our expert team of professional services consultant recruiters. We can help source and screen suitable candidates across the UK, Europe and the Middle East to create a shortlist of suitable PaaS and SaaS pre sales recruitment candidates for you to interview.

What our  Pre Sales Director Recruitment Clients say…

“Thank you for sorting this Pre Sales Director recruitment assignment. I have been pleased with your care and professionalism throughout the process.” HR Director, CRM Software Vendor, London

Harvey Thomas managed the pre sales manager recruitment process for us with minimal fuss, I can happily recommend them.” MD – HRIS Vendor, UK

What Makes a Great Pre Sales Recruiter?

  1. Industry knowledge: A great recruiter should have a deep understanding of the sector they work in and keep up-to-date with trends and news.
  2. Technical pre sales understanding: Pre sales job descriptions can be generic language. A good pre sales solutions recruiter can detail what the position actually entails and have a nuanced understanding of the what the organisation wants.
  3. Past success: A great SaaS pre sales recruiter can demonstrate that they’ve successfully placed pre-sales candidates in similar organisations.
  4. Extensive personal network: In senior level pre sales recruitment there is no substitute for a solid, extensive personal network.
  5. Bigger picture: A great pre sales manager recruiter understands the bigger picture – the projects and initiatives that underpin the roles they fill, and the internal stakeholders involved in the process.
  6. Company knowledge: They will understand the history, the culture and ambitions of the business so they can shortlist potential candidates effectively and provide a detailed overview of the position.

A great solutions recruiter can make a real difference to your recruitment.  So if you are looking for an expert SaaS pre-sales recruiter to help with your pre sales solutions recruitment projects in the UK, Europe or Middle East talk to us – we can help.  Simply fill in the quick contact form or contact us on +44 (0)203 995 2007

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