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5 Tips for engaging with Sales folk in your Talent Pipeline

If you have decided to be Proactive in your future sales recruitment, through building yourself a talent pipeline of high performers, or perhaps you have used a company like Harvey Thomas to build one for you, then its fair to say you have taken a big step towards upgrading your hiring strategy and preparing your business for the future. But, it doesn’t end there, having a pipeline of high performing sales talent ready for consideration when you need to make the hires is great, but unless you  [more …]

Keep engaging with talent…

There is nothing more essential to a company than having the right employees in place at the right time. You can have the very best product or the most unique solution, but if you don’t have the staff in place to ensure that you can develop, advertise, promote, grow and enhance your brand and overall operation, then there’s no way you’ll be able to thrive in the long-term. So, if you want to ensure you have an effective team in place, that is capable of growing your business and ensuring it  [more …]

Candidates – Keep Talking

Candidates – Keep Talking It’s been a familiar and understandable scenario over the last couple of weeks, when speaking to experienced SaaS professionals about new opportunities – ‘I’m interested, but not now.’ The thought, for many in reasonably secure employment, of looking for a new role in the current climate, is not high on the agenda. However, for many ‘passive’ candidates, the situation potentially hasn’t changed, they would be interested in discussing what opportunities are out  [more …]

Talent Pipelines

The Value of an Effective Talent Pipeline Talent Pipelining is hugely beneficial recruitment strategy for both employer and candidate, but one that is seldomly utilised in early stage and scale up SaaS businesses. What is Talent Pipelining ? Building a Talent Pipeline, or Talent Pipelining, is the process of attracting and engaging with potential new employees, well in advance of any structured recruitment process for a particular role. It involves creating specific personas relating  [more …]

Recruiting from home – What’s it really like ?

As an experienced recruitment professional, would you prefer the flexibility of a home based working policy but are concerned by the impact it might have on your productivity or working relationships ? Here, Yasmine Shaban, who recently joined Harvey Thomas, talks about making the transition from office based environment to working from home.   When did you join Harvey Thomas in a home based recruitment role ? I joined Harvey Thomas at the beginning of March 2018 and have been  [more …]

Harvey Thomas embraces flexible working

Harvey Thomas embraces Flexible working Here at Harvey Thomas we understand that the recruitment industry is changing and we need to embrace these changes in order to keep ahead of the curve. Our new pricing model designed for early stage software companies is an example of how we are looking to innovate and provide a more value added service. In addition, we understand that the role of a recruiter can be challenging and a lengthy commute combined with a long working day can be both  [more …]

10 Tips for Creating an Engaging Job Spec.

Job Descriptions – 10 Tips For Creating an Engaging Job Spec. Can you send me a Job spec?  It’s a question that is asked by most potential candidates when discussing a new job opportunity and, for most, it is the first point of introduction to a potential new employer. Yet there are many organisations who don’t see the importance of a highly engaging and attractive job spec and still use age old generic documents written as an afterthought. For those looking to create an appealing job  [more …]

Interview Questions when recruiting Customer Success Managers

Are you looking to hire a Customer Success Manager into your organisation?  If you have thought about it, or are indeed currently looking, I bet you feel like you’re looking for that ‘one in a million’, ‘needle in a haystack’, or the ever allusive ‘flying unicorn’. It doesn’t need to be that difficult. Customer Success Managers, thankfully, will tell you their strengths and their priorities well before you need to bring them in. Having this transparency, really does make finding ‘the one’  [more …]