Candidates – Keep Talking

Candidates – Keep Talking

It’s been a familiar and understandable scenario over the last couple of weeks, when speaking to experienced SaaS professionals about new opportunities – ‘I’m interested, but not now.’

The thought, for many in reasonably secure employment, of looking for a new role in the current climate, is not high on the agenda.

However, for many ‘passive’ candidates, the situation potentially hasn’t changed, they would be interested in discussing what opportunities are out there, they are just not ready to consider a move right now..

This mirrors the position we are finding with many of the SaaS businesses we work with, they still want to make the hire, but not right now.

With that in mind, we are advising our SaaS customers to continue to have dialogue with potential future employees, with a view to engaging more formally at a later date and this is being well received..

We would also suggest, to any passive candidates, to consider doing the same..

In our opinion, there are a number of benefits to doing this.

  • Better informed decision making though a longer and less formal process in the early stages
  • Less disruption through being at home and utilising Video based technology
  • Access to a wider selection of opportunity for companies looking much further down the line, as opposed to purely ‘live’ roles and active recruitment processes
  • Build effective relationships with potential new employers over a period of time, as opposed to a more formal interaction
  • Manage notice periods more effectively through a proactive process and better planning
  • Less competition, through engaging before an improvement in market conditions dictates an increase in recruitment activity.

Keep the conversation going..





Harvey Thomas is a purely SaaS focused Search business, focusing in Mid-Senior Sales appointments.

We predominantly support early stage and scale up SaaS businesses and have an extensive portfolio of customers who are keen to keep the conversation going.

We would be delighted to share their details with you.

Contact us on 0203 995 2007 or email

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