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There is nothing more essential to a company than having the right employees in place at the right time. You can have the very best product or the most unique solution, but if you don’t have the staff in place to ensure that you can develop, advertise, promote, grow and enhance your brand and overall operation, then there’s no way you’ll be able to thrive in the long-term.

So, if you want to ensure you have an effective team in place, that is capable of growing your business and ensuring it becomes a success, what can you do to get the very best people onboard when the time is right ? How can you adopt a proactive approach that will reap rewards and long-term benefits ? How can you ensure you have the best team in place to secure business in a tough market or not be ‘out of position’, when market conditions improve ?

During periods of uncertainty, it is unfortunately quite common to see businesses put their recruitment and hiring  plans on hold and look to cut back on operations and this is no different for many in the SaaS industry.

It is also important to realise, if a business is to survive, then it must also take a slightly longer  term view and consider how well it will be prepared for both competing and securing business in a tougher market, with less opportunity and being able to capitalise on improved market conditions, when the time comes…. and it will.

Businesses who are taking Proactive action now with their talent acquisition strategy will be better positioned for success in a tougher market and better prepared in the mid and long term.

So, how do you take Proactive action ?

Taking a Proactive stance with your hiring strategy, does not necessarily mean having to make offers to candidates now, what it does mean is ensuring you are already communicating with the right candidates, when you are ready to make the hire.

Having a talent pipeline that you can start to engage with now, will ready your business for the future challenges that lay ahead.

So what are the benefits for a SaaS business of engaging with talent now ?

  • Access to a wider network of passive candidates, rather than just active candidates looking to secure a new role now.
  • No commitment to hire until both parties are ready.
  • Already talking to people if you need to make an urgent hire
  • No need for reactive recruitment activities – Advertising, CV Searching, Job boards etc
  • Reduced competition for talent
  • Manage lengthy notice periods more effectively
  • Build relationships with candidates and make better informed decisions
  • Time saving through better planning


If you are a SaaS business who is, like many, preparing for and focusing on Q3/Q4 now, then you need to consider ensuring you have the team in place to meet your objectives and hit your number.

Keep interviewing and keep communicating with candidates and don’t plan, or rely, on starting your hiring again in a few months when things pick up, you will be well behind your talent competitors, who are taking proactive steps now.

We work with a number of SaaS businesses on establishing and managing effective talent pipelines, all of which are preparing for the future by engaging with high performing sales hires now. When the time is right they will be able to move to offer quickly and secure and onboard key hires efficiently.


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