Talent Pipeline

As a specialist Recruiter, focusing on SaaS sales hires for over ten years, we have built up a pretty impressive network of high performing Sales talent from the SaaS space.

Sales Talent Network

Our niche focus and market presence have helped us continually attract the top Sales performers in the SaaS industry.

The majority of our network are passive candidates who are always interested in hearing about new opportunities, BUT not necessarily ready to make a move just yet.

Whilst we continue to support our customers with their live vacancies and urgent hiring needs, we are also able to focus on the needs for tomorrow and assist our clients with effective recruitment planning and growth management.

Start Before You Are Ready

Our Talent Pipelining service is a Proactive solution designed to support our customers with their future hiring needs, through the introduction of experienced Sales talent, well in advance of any required start date.

Through engaging at a much earlier stage in the hiring process, our SaaS customers are able to secure quality Sales hires without the need to enter into a Reactive recruitment process or having to engage any ‘panic’ based hiring practices.


Imagine having the perfect candidate already engaged in your Talent pool, before you are ready to make the hire!

The benefits are clear:

  • – Time-Saving through better planning and a more efficient recruitment process
  • – Access to a passive network of high – performers, not just active candidates
  • – No need for Job boards, CV searching, Advertising etc
  • – Candidates already in process should an urgent role arise (resignation etc.)
  • – No need to enter the ‘race’ for talent through a reactive recruitment process
  • – Reduced competition through working with passive candidates
  • – No need to review countless unqualified CV’s
  • – Manage lengthy notice periods and onboarding better
  • – Make better-informed decisions through building effective relationships with candidates
  • – Reduced spend on hiring

There are two levels of service we offer in our Talent Pipelining solution


As an Essential customer, we will introduce your business to our own dedicated and growing talent network of high performing Sales professionals and will forward the profiles of interested candidates to you on an ongoing basis so you can engage with your potential future hires, TODAY.


If you are interested in a more targeted and exclusive search, then our Custom solution will provide candidates EXCLUSIVELY to you and specifically based on your search criteria, either on an ongoing basis or for a specific campaign. We will build your talent pool for you!

As Software Industry recruitment experts, we support Software Vendors at varying stages in their development, from the early stage and start-up companies with Seed or Series A funding, through to more established SaaS software businesses. Recruitment costs are an issue.

“The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today” ..Elbert Hubbard

To find out more about our Talent Pipelining service, please fill in the contact form and one of our team will be in touch. Alternatively please call us on +44 (0)203 995 2007

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