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What Makes a Great Software Recruiter?

Here are some handy pointers to look out for when assessing potential software recruiter’s pedigree…

Industry knowledge: A great recruiter should have a detailed understanding and knowledge of the sector they work in, keeping up to date with trends and news and contributing through blogs, forums and associated sites.

Company knowledge: A great recruiter will want to take time to fully understand as much as possible about the company they are recruiting for. They will want to understand the history, the culture, the ambitions, competitors, even down to car parking and public transport access!  This will enable them to shortlist potential candidates effectively and provide a detailed overview of the position. Please give them the time to do this!

Past success is a good indicator of future success: A great software recruiter can demonstrate that they’ve successfully placed candidates in similar organisations. References and endorsements can be useful as well as a solid history of experience.

Technical understanding: Software job descriptions can be filled with generic language. A good recruiter can tell candidates what the position actually entails. They understand all the job requirements, and have a nuanced understanding of the what the organisation really wants and can often assist organisations in creating job specs, advising on salary and how achievable it all is.

Extensive personal network: In head hunting and senior level recruitment there is no substitute for a solid, extensive personal software sector network. Examine the depth of the recruiter’s relationships and not just the number of their LinkedIn connections. These types of relationships / networks take time to build and need to be constantly nurtured. A great recruiter will rarely write an advert in the early stages.

Bigger picture: Great software recruiters understand the bigger picture – they understand the projects and initiatives that underpin the roles they fill, as well as the stakeholders involved in the recruitment process.

A great software recruiter can make a real difference to your recruitment. They can add value to the process and take away the hassle often speeding up things up. If you would like to discuss any of the points raised in this article please do call us on +44 (0)1908 307474 or contact us.

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