Why Use a Specialist Software Recruiter ?

Why should you use a specialist software recruiter rather than your own internal resources? In our experience the best specialist software recruiters not only add value to the process but take away the hassle by bringing these key benefits.…

Candidate Network

In many cases, specialist recruiters have spent a number of years building and engaging with their candidate network. If a candidate in their network is not interested in the position on offer, then it is highly likely that they know someone who is. These referral opportunities only come when a network has been engaged effectively and trust has been built up over time.

Marketplace Knowledge

When supply is low and it is tough to find and attract qualified talent, using a professional software recruiter makes more sense than struggling internally to recruit. Why? Simply put, specialist recruiters can engage candidates that you can’t. Their proactive, head-hunting approach means they are able to think outside the box and explore some of the less obvious avenues of recruitment to find candidates with in-demand skills.

In addition, their in-depth knowledge of the market and extensive, well established personal network of usually pre-qualified contacts, give them a powerful advantage in sourcing suitably skilled software professionals. They are able to identify, attract, engage and secure hard to find software talent that is often not yet on the market.

Local Expertise

Local knowledge is especially important when attracting talent for a new or developing region. A specialist recruiter not only has access to a developed local candidate network but understands the culture and geography, as well as the important considerations for candidates when choosing a new position.

With such a competitive market, a simple advert or connection request just will not do, relationships are paramount when approaching and securing top talent. A specialist recruiter is in a much stronger position to deliver the proposition as they will know who to target and how to engage with them. Ensuring that the short-listed candidates have the required business and technical skills.

Extending In-house Capacity

Using a specialist recruiter is cost effective when there is not the internal resource to manage the process effectively in house. In these situations, time is best focused on selection and on-boarding rather than navigating the learning curve of a specialist recruitment market.

A specialist software recruiter can also prove invaluable when considering compensation and benefits, as well as any additional needs. This ensures better on-boarding and talent retention.

In conclusion…

So when it comes to sourcing and selecting key Software talent, can you afford not to use a professional Software recruiter? If you would like to discuss any of the points raised in this article please contact Jon Eyers, one of the UK’s leading software recruitment specialists at Harvey Thomas on 44 (0)1908 307474.

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