As Software Industry recruitment experts, we support Software Vendors at varying stages in their development, from the early stage and start-up companies with Seed or Series A funding, through to more established SaaS software businesses. Recruitment costs are an issue.

Through hundreds of conversations, we see the same themes occur again and again. We like to think we know our industry.

SaaS Recruitment Challenges

When SaaS companies consider a recruitment partner, while there are a whole number of important considerations, financial implications are high on the agenda.

Unique Cash Flow Profile

The early stages of growth for SaaS companies are uniquely challenging for cash flow. The ability to create sustainable revenue and profitability are “longer term” than in many traditional businesses.

Higher Risk

There is a heightened risk of achieving a fit in the early stage SaaS development. If it doesn’t work, you need to act quickly and start again.

For both cash flow and risk, the traditional upfront model of recruitment works against SaaS.

Innovative Pricing Model for The SaaS industry

Harvey Thomas developed an innovative pricing model that offers not only a traditional contingency fee structure but also a highly cost-effective alternative that supports shared risk and protects cash flow.

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