The Summer Business Blues…

The sun is shining, kids are off school and best of all the traffic at 8am is almost non-existent. For those who don’t have a Summer holiday booked or don’t have children to tend to whilst they are off, August can be heavenly or hellish from a business perspective.

Our Customer Success recruitment expert, Pam Matthews, shares her musings on the August lull, offering some suggestions to boost morale if you or your team are feeling the Summer blues…

Success recruitment expert‘I suffer from the Summer holiday blues. It’s not that I want to be on holiday, it’s more that I always feel at a bit unsettled during August.

Despite it being a quiet month historically, we are busier than ever. However if you find yourself at a loose end staring out of the window longing to be outside (only to get outside and crave the coolness of the air conditioning). Or maybe are bombarded with ‘out of office’ messages or find it hard to get hold of anyone.

Here are a few suggestions to keep yourself and your staff engaged when business appears to be somewhat quieter:

Training.  Continuous development never hurt anybody. Whether it be calls, internal systems, product knowledge or customer training. Adding some training sessions can reignite dimming flames to disengaged employees. Allowing time for your customers to increase their own knowledge base when work may be quieter for them too. Perhaps hold ‘Summer Camp’ sessions where you can actively recruit customers to offer them training. Every day is a school day and learning something new can only be a good thing. Plus, getting your customers engaged as well, you really can’t go wrong.

Flexibility.  It’s hard juggling an organisation where majority of your team are looking to all go on holiday with in the same 30 – 40 day period. If ever a time for flexible working was needed, Holiday Season would be it. Employees with families will need help with childcare, maybe not all day but perhaps the morning off, or an early afternoon finish. Being a bit more open minded to half days or making up hours can make all the difference in the world.

New Projects.  Get those creative juices flowing. Working with your team to come up with new ways of working. Change is as good as a holiday (see what I did there?). Sometimes great ideas are brewing in the unlikeliest of places, mix it up, write Blogs/Articles, challenge process, create a Vlog, just encourage staff to take control of their imagination. Who knows, you may well have a PR mogul disguised as an IT technician or advertising genius masquerading as a sales rep.

In conclusion, the Summer lull is a great time to shake things up and boost employee engagement at the same time so you and your team can look forward to September rearing to go. Happy Summer holidays!’

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